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The Imagining America Consortium (interdisciplinary humanities)

Black Women’s Studies (Scholar Spotlight)

The Institute for the Recruitment of Teacher (Alumni Spotlight)

The University of Michigan’s Rackham Graduate School Blog

Ms. Magazine: “Working to Die? How Black Women Health Care Workers Survive A Pandemic”

The Abolition Journal

Nursing Clio (Historical Health Scholarship)

Black Youth Project: “Reproductive justice advocacy requires more than being ‘pro-choice’”

Black Youth Project: “Why intersectional feminism needs reproductive justice
approaches to HIV”

Black Youth Project: “Black youth need more than public health strategies that read sexuality as diseased and immoral”

Association of Healthcare Journalists: “Researcher and advocate for reproductive health equity tells her own story”

Huffington Post: “Donald Trump And HIV: What Do Black And Trans Women Got To Do With It?”

Public Scholarship

“On Forbidden Wombs and Reproductive Justice.”

Meridians: feminism, race,
transnationalism, 15, no. 1 (2016): 166-188.

“From At Risk to Interdependent: The Erotic Life Worlds of HIV+ Jamaican Women.”

Souls: A Critical Journal of Black politics, Culture, and Society 21, no. 2-3
(2020): 107-131.

“Black Feminist Geographies of HIV/AIDS in Jamaica.” Gender, Place and Culture

Gender, Place and Culture
(2021). DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2020.1845617.

“At the Crossroads: Caribbean Women & (Black) Feminist Ethnography in the Time of HIV/AIDS.”

Feminist Anthropology, 2021(1-18).

“From HIV/AIDS to COVID-19: A Reproductive Justice Lens to Pandemics.”

The Lancet: The Art of Medicine 398 no. 10315 (2021): 1958-1959.

“Surviving in the Margins: Examining the Survival Strategies of Low-Income Jamaican Women.”

Harvard Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Journal (2013): 77-81.

Theorizing Agency: New Directions in Research on HIV/AIDS Activism, American Quarterly

"Holding On: African American Women Surviving HIV/AIDS."

Book Review

Reviewed Journal Articles

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