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Health Equity, Reproductive Violence, and Obstetric Racism

Rewire News: "The Devaluation of Black Women in Life & Death.

The maternal health crisis and COVID-19 pandemic have reinforced the silencing of Black women’s pain—by the very people whose jobs it is to provide care. While the subservient care and treatment that Black women experience in medical facilities is not new, what is striking is the way reproductive justice activists have continued to organize to address these systemic problems on a grassroots, interpersonal, and institutional level.

Washington Post/The Lily

Shares the intergenerational trauma and grief that is the reality of the U.S.'s ongoing Black maternal mortality 'crisis' and the role of medical racism and obstetric violence in the slow death of Black women

USA Today: "I Survived Childbirth During 3 Pandemics."

Shares her personal experiences navigating childbirth in 3 pandemics (COVID-19, anti-black state violence, & racial inequities in maternal mortality

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